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About Karla

I am a chef and baker. I was born in Honduras even though my roots are part Japanese and part Spanish. I grew up Miami Florida so I consider myself a Miami girl. 


Fun Fact: I was actually born inside a restaurant. My parents owned restaurants in Honduras. My mom was helping around in the restaurant's kitchen and her water broke. Thankfully my father was resourceful and he helped my mom during childbirth. You can technically say that he acted as a Mid-Wife. He even cut my umbilical cord. Then after my mom and I were safe, they drove us to the nearest hospital. But the fact is that I was actually born inside a restaurant. 

Growing up in Miami was very exciting for me because I was surrounded by a wide diversity of cultures from around the world. Plus I have been blessed to travel to 13 countries around the world with my wonderful husband and two amazing children. 

My family have owned restaurants in Honduras for four generations. Almost everyone in my entire family are professional chefs. Can you imagine the friendly competition for perfection and creativeness? I basically have been exposed to exotic and fascinating dished since I was born. I was actually born inside one of my parents restaurants. So by no surprise I developed a passion for the culinary world from birth. 

I successfully completed Culinary Arts and Commercial Foods in Miami and graduated top of my class. Cooking and baking are my passion, I find inspiration in life itself. I honestly believe that food brings people together. I enjoy making people happy with my delicious creations.  "Cooking is my way of showing people that I care for them" 

Besides being a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Producer I am also the Owner & Founder of Power Gals LLC. 
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