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Gourmet Realtor

My full time career is being a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Producer in the Tampa Bay Area. I love my career and helping my clients. 

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Why Gourmet Realtor? 

Simply because I am a retired Chef that now is combining both of my passions. I bake my own pastries, cookies, breads, cakes, and other delicious treats for my open houses. There is nothing better than walking into a home for the first time and the house smells like the most delicious cookies that you may have ever tasted. 

According to scientists, a person can forget places & faces, but a special scent or smell can bring them back a memory even from your childhood. I have seen this with my own buyers. We can go see 10 houses in one day, they will forget most details of all the houses but if there was a house that smelled horrible or it smelled amazing then that will stand out more than what the houses looked like. Plus its fun to watch people walk into one of my open houses and they end up staying almost for an hour because the baked goods made them right right at home. This is why people call me the Gourmet Realtor. 

I also love surprising my clients at Closings with freshly baked pastries such Rum Cake, Zucchini Bunt Cake, Banana Bread, Pineapple or Guava Thumbprint Cookies, Coconut Macaroons, Italian Almond Amaretti Cookies, or what ever inspires me that day.  "On the days that I have a little extra time to bake"

Now you know a little more about me so if you are ready to Sell your home call me I would love to earn your trust. My husband Marcos and I own our very own boutique brokerage called Mermaid Realty & Associates LLC.

Besides working will Sellers, I also work with Buyers in helping them purchase their dream home. I help buyers with Resale homes or with New Construction. You can visit our real estate website or you can call me directly to (813) 408-2038 

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